Care Coordination Presentation toColleagues:

    Care coordination is a critical aspect of healthcare take my online class and is important for improving patientoutcomes, decreasing readmission rates, and delivering positive patient

    Nurses play a crucial role in the care coordination process. They canimprove the quality of care by collaborating with other nurses and providers to
    implement coordinated patient-centered care plans.

    Patient-centered care

    Patient-centered care is an approach to treating patients that focuses ontheir individual needs. This type of care is based on the idea that doctors
    must take their time to develop relationships with their patients, emphasizing
    empathy and two-way communication.

    When patients have trusting relationships with their doctor, they can bemore open to discussing issues and making decisions about their care. This
    allows doctors to provide personalized care that takes into account a patient's
    mental, social, and spiritual perspectives.

    For example, a cancer patient may choose to pursue less aggressivetreatment options that are not as expensive or have fewer side effects. These
    choices take my online course can help save a patient's money and reducestress while also improving their quality of life.

    Nurses must be able to communicate effectively with their colleagues toensure that care is given in a coordinated manner. This requires nurses to be
    able to use professional, scholarly communication strategies to convey their
    message to the audience.

    Patient education

    Patient education is an essential part of patient care. Educatingpatients about their illness, treatment plan or care transitions can have an
    impact on both their long-term health outcomes and the cost of care.

    Aside from improving the patient's understanding of a diagnosis, medicaltreatment or their health condition, education can also help them become more self-directed.
    For example, if a patient has been discharged from a hospital and wants to
    follow up with their primary care provider or other specialists, it is
    essential that they online course help understand theirtreatment plan and how to access these services.

    The healthcare industry is constantly evolving to better meet patientneeds and ensure that all patients receive the best possible care. As a result,
    it is vital that healthcare providers develop effective patient education
    strategies in every area of patient care.

    Patient navigation

    Care coordination improves patient experiences, reduces readmissions andhealthcare costs, and increases revenue/funding for hospitals. However, there
    are many barriers to delivering this effective approach.

    One key challenge is identifying and educating people on the health caresystem, including community resources. Ethical issues and policy concerns also
    affect the process of care coordination.

    Using this background information, prepare a 20-minute video presentationto educate your nursing colleagues on the fundamentals of care coordination.
    Ensure your presentation addresses safety, ethics, policy and physiological

    In addition to a written script and APA-formatted reference list, submita video-recorded presentation that contains 3-5 credible sources from
    peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications. This will help
    your colleagues understand the rationale for implementing coordinated care
    plans based on ethical decision hiresomeone to take my online class making, which is required by law and willmaintain their credibility with patients.

    Change management

    The change management process is the overall approach that a companytakes to implement significant changes. This involves developing change
    strategies, training employees, assessing risks and evaluating pre- and
    post-change activities to ensure that the implementation process is successful.

    Organizational change management improves the effectiveness of crucialinitiatives and a company's ability to adjust fast to new conditions. However,
    it is also a highly complex and difficult process that requires leaders to
    develop skills in managing change effectively.

    Employees who are not comfortable with change are not likely to be fullyengaged in the process, and they may even resist it. It is important that
    leaders are able to overcome these resistances and encourage people to be
    involved in the process.

    Changing the way people work is difficult, but it can be accomplishedwhen the right communication processes are in place. This includes online class help keeping all employeeson board and informed before the change implementation process.



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